How Much is Important to Service Your Worcester Bosch Boiler?

An important part of this maintenance is to arrange for the annual boiler checkup by a fully qualified engineer. A boiler service is not only important for reasons of safety and efficiency (in keeping your bills low), but it is imperative to maintain the validity of the warranty.

Whether you have an older Worcester boiler or a newer model from the Worcester Bosch brand, you know how important it is to schedule Worcester Boiler Service and maintenance. This ensures that your boiler is not only safe to use, but also performs optimally, possibly even saving you money on your bills! And if your boiler is still under warranty, you also keep this warranty valid for another year.

Having repaired and installed many Worcester boilers over the years, you may be familiar with many models and the quirks that come with them.

What is a boiler service?

A boiler service involves having a heating engineer visit your property to perform a series of inspections and tests on the unit, to ensure it is operating safely. Each boiler service should only be performed by a fully qualified engineer; this means gas boilers should be repaired by a Gas Safe engineer and oil-fired boilers by an OFTEC engineer.

Worcester Bosch manufactures gas and oil fired boilers, so depending on the fuel used by the unit in your home; you may need a Gas Safe or OFTEC engineer. Checking if an engineer has the correct qualifications is straightforward; just visit the appropriate certification website. Not only do you have to do this, but it is also important to verify the identification before allowing them to start working.

Why is it important to maintain your Worcester Bosch boiler?

Failure to arrange for an annual boiler service could put your unit at risk of developing dangerous failures, taking years out of its lifespan, and losing efficiency, which means higher heating bills.

Vital security checks

There is nothing more important than safety in your home, a major reason to have your boiler repaired. A boiler service will notify the heating engineer of any existing or future outages that could be harmful to your home, such as a carbon monoxide leak. If you think there is a problem with your furnace, do not wait for the arrival of the next annual maintenance, immediately contact a professional heating engineer.

Reduce your heating bills

The lower your heating bills, the better, and a boiler service can help you keep them up for longer. As boilers age they will slowly lose efficiency, but a well-maintained unit maintains higher energy efficiency levels to keep heating bills low.

Prevent breakdowns

A small problem with your boiler may not seem like much, but it could turn into a major problem soon. During boiler maintenance, the engineer will be able to spot the first signs of a problem and fix it on the spot, saving you a big repair bill down the road.

Boiler maintenance checklist

Do not allow the engineer to begin servicing the boiler until you have seen your Safe Gas ID or OFTEC. It is only when you are satisfied that a series of tests and checks will begin on the boiler:

First, the engineer will check the exterior of the boiler. Here they look for any signs of corrosion, leaks and make sure the pilot is a strong blue color on a gas boiler.

After checking the exterior, they will remove the housing to inspect the interior of the boiler. He will not only check the interior parts such as heat exchanger, burner, main injector, safety devices and spark probe, but the engineer will also clean them.

All joints and pipes will be checked to make sure they are intact and the smoke terminals will also be checked as it is important that they are not blocked.

The pressure and gas flow settings will be read, making sure that both are at the correct levels.

After all the inspections, the engineer started the boiler to check for faults during operation. They will also examine the temperature controls.

How much does a Worcester boiler service cost?

If you usually have no known fault with your Worcester or Bosch Worcester boiler, regular services, including value added tax, could cost you around £100. However, some companies may charge a little less and others (for example, domestic companies) a little more.

TIP: If you know something is wrong with your boiler, let the engineer know in advance when you book your service. Leaving it until they arrive can be frustrating for both parties and can cost more.

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