fire alarm certificate

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Fire Alarm Certificate

Its mandatory for Landlords to ensure that fire alarm systems are installed in leased properties and inspected regularly by qualified engineers. The Criteria of how we issue fire alarm certificate is explained below.

Fire alarm installation is carried in accordance with BS5839 Part 6. Tests should be completed in accordance with BS5839 Part 1 Section 6 at least every six months. Each test and fire alarm installation certificate should be noted down in a log book.

Our team is qualified to inspect all kinds of fire alarm systems. The inspection requirements are different depending on the system. If we face any problem during an inspection, our engineers will do remedial work. After completing the inspection on your system and fixing all problems, we will issue you a fire alarm test certificate. We cover London & M25 areas.


The price of fire alarm certificate london is fixed and all-inclusive and there are no hidden charges and no tax to add.

Fire Alarm Certificate [1-3 Points]


Fire Alarm Certificate [4-6 Points]


Fire Alarm Certificate [Per Points]


Fire Alarm System Grade A

The requirements of Fire alarm system Grade A are given below:

  • Smoke Detectors.
  • Heat Detectors.
  • Manual Call Points.
  • Central Control Panel.
  • Sounders.

Fire Alarm System Grade D

Fire alarm system Grade D is normally interlinked smoke/Heat alarms, this system can be seen in most domestic properties in London.

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