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Plumbing-Services London

Plumbing Service London

Landlord Property Certificates are able to carry out a wide range of comprehensive plumbing services London. We have a team of highly qualified plumbers in London, each with many years  of experience. Our plumbers are available 24-hours a day to respond to any type of domestic or commercial plumbing services.

We have a fair charging system with comparable and economical rates which we check on a regular basis. Whether it’s a plumbing emergency or you’re buying a property, you can simply connect with us and make an appointment to do survey of the plumbing system prior to purchase. We’re always here to help regarding plumbing services London.

List of Plumbing Services:

The prices are fixed and all-inclusive there is no tax to add. Congestion, ULEZ and Parking will be charged for the Central London

  • Leak Fix
  • Unblock Drains
  • Install New Taps
  • Fix New Shower
  • Repair Broken Toilets
  • Fix Broken Radiators
  • Fit New Bathroom Suits
  • Re-Silicon Leak Baths
  • Fit New Theromstatic Shower
  • Fit or Replace New Electric Shower

Get in touch with us for more information about any of our plumbing services.

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