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PAT Testing - Portable Appliance Testing

Portable Appliance Testing is the electrical safety testing of portable electrical equipment.  This inspection is done visually and consists of different electrical tests using test equipment. Appliances that have cleared the equipment tests are considered to be safe until the next test date. A sticker is pasted on the equipment which shows Pass or Fails and next test date. The period between test is normally 1 year but can be between 6 to 24 months depending on the environmental changes. We normally put a 1-year Re-Test Date.

PAT Testing covers up domestic and commercial properties. Landlords should also consider PAT Testing for appliances they supply to the tenant.

Health and Safety procedures include PAT Testing and should always be on top priority. according to the Health and safety at works act(1974), it is mandatory to implement a maintenance program. The Landlord gets a form which re-confirms all the tests conducted and the safety of items. 


The prices are fixed and all-inclusive and there are no hidden charges and no tax to add.

Portable Appliance Testing [1-20 Appliances]


Portable Appliance Testing [20-40 Appliances]


Each item over 40: £1.5 per item

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