Best Way to Repair Your Vaillant Boiler with Top Inspection Engineer

Vaillant boilers are an essential part of your home’s plumbing system, providing hot water for a variety of essential home activities. It leads to disaster if they break down or start to fail. These problems can be identified by the various error codes that these Vaillant boilers display in the event of a fault. This article will help you identify these common problems and give you the advice you need to ensure that your Vaillant boiler can be diagnosed and get your Vaillant Boiler Repair quickly and efficiently.

Common Error Messages from the Vaillant Boiler

Vaillant boiler error messages can be confusing, especially since they are so vital in diagnosing a fault in the boiler. Being able to identify these issues is essential to ensure that your Vaillant boiler can be up and running in no time.

F00 and F01 usually indicate that the flow rate negative temperature coefficient (or NTC) thermostat wire is worn or completely damaged and needs to be replaced.

F22 indicates that there is no water inside the boiler system or that the pump or pump cable is damaged.

F24 indicates that your pump is clogged with debris or is running at low capacity. It could also indicate that air is trapped in the Vaillant boiler system or that the pressure in your system may be too low.

F28 indicates that there is no ignition inside your Vaillant boiler or ignition problems. This is due to a lack of gas in the system or to faulty igniters, ignition cables or electrodes inside the boiler.

F29 is the final physical fault error code and indicates that the pilot is extinguished. Check your gas supply or contact our specialists if you need help with this problem.

Additional Hardware Error Messages with Vaillant Boilers

  • Additional error messages will be displayed if there are hardware problems in your boiler.
  • F60 and F61 indicate a problem with the control of the gas valve. This means that the gas valve control could have a short circuit or problems in the gas valve assembly and electronic control system. This problem will require repair by experts.
  • F62 indicates overheating similar to F20. This means that it must be allowed to cool.
  • F63 indicates an error in the EEPROM or (electrically erasable programmable read only memory). This is a computer error in the Vaillant boiler and will require repairs.
  • F64 indicates that the NTC has encountered a power surge or a regular electronic fault or problem.
  • F65 shows that the electronic components of the Vaillant boiler have heated to a high degree or that the system is experiencing an electrical fault.
  • Finally, F67 indicates an electronic fault in the boiler flame system and this will also result in the need for repair.

To help you maintain your Vaillant boiler longer, you can opt for a 6 month repair and maintenance plan. You will receive a first repair to get you back up and running and if we are unable to repair your boiler, you will be fully reimbursed. This is our promise with no solution, no cost.

How to fix low water pressure

Low boiler pressure is something you can fix yourself, in fact we have a guide to increase low boiler pressure in Boiler Guide. However, you must hire a licensed Gas Safe engineer to inspect the boiler and check for faults.

A common reason for seeing the F22 error code is a leak somewhere in the system. If you suspect a leak, turn off the water supply to prevent damage. Do not try to repair the leak by yourself, always contact a professional. In addition to a leak, other issues can include a faulty pump, a broken pump cable, or a faulty pressure sensor.

How to know your Vaillant boiler is faulty

There are many reasons why a Vaillant boiler may not fire:

No gas supply – test other gas appliances around your property to see if they work. Otherwise, check your gas meter and contact your supplier if necessary.

A frozen condensate pipe – The condensate pipe drains acidic wastewater from the boiler, to the outside and to a drain. Being outside increases the chances of freezing during the winter months, and if you do, the boiler will lock out until the frozen lock is thawed.

Faulty Ignition Electrode or Wires – If gas is supplied and there are no obstructions in the system, there could be a problem with the generation of the spark to create the flame. Over time, the electrode and ignition cables could wear out and eventually come to a complete stop. A licensed Gas Safe Engineer is the only person who should diagnose and fix this problem during Vaillant boiler repair.

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