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Yes, it is mandatory to carry landlord safety certificates, and these will only be considered if issued by certified engineers. These can be safe you from any sort of fine and legal statements and hearings in case of any mishap. Furthermore, it can assure the safety of the employees and the residents, including workers. Moreover, annual checks can reduce the risk factors and can let the malfunction fixed as it occurs.

The EICR certificate is a legal requirement and it can save you from the legal statement if you are a landlord, and the residents meet some mishap. Our professionals will issue that after a thorough assessment of all the electrical installation. And only a certified engineer can issue it and only can be considered if it is given by this means.

Landlord gas safety certificate CP12 is provided to you by our gas safe registered engineers after a thorough examination of the whole gas pipeline system along with areas of ventilation. That will result in a limiting risk factor for future examiners in case of any malfunction along with suggesting strategies that they can approach while fixing absolute havoc. On the other hand, if you are not acquiring a certificate, then this might prove fatal for not only you and your examiners but can result in certain uncertainties as it might not be possible for the examiner to check the whole pipeline in search of any havoc.

  • First, turn off the appliance immediately.
  • Secondly, you are not meant to touch that appliance to check the damage if the situation seems fatal to you.
  • Then open all windows if you feel any bad smell of gas.
  • Call us immediately for assistance.

That might be due to the caught gas inside the boiler that may be due to any breakage, and further delay might worsen the situation. So that must be fixed as soon as possible to avoid any hindrance in the steady flow of hot water. Our expert can visit any place in London to resolve such issues at a perfectly affordable price.

Being an essential safety feature, one could not afford negligence in this regard. So it will be recommended to replace the older one as soon as possible, no matter that your older one is doing perfectly, you can still be not sure about not facing any mishap as new consumers units are equipped with RCDs and mini circuit breakers. Hence, the risk factor regarding any shock is much more reduced in those new units as being more sensitive to minor changes in current flow. So instead of putting your family at risk, one should replace the older fuse box as they are less costly too.

As this gas is hard to detect, because it is a colorless and odorless gas, there is no clear physical detection method for this gas by which one can feel it’s presence. But one can place CO alarm to assure its early detection and let our professionals fix it. Our company can assist you in placing these alarms also and detect and fix CO leakages too, if any. On the other hand, if you haven’t installed alarms yet, then check for a short breath, dizziness, dull headache,  nausea,  vomiting,  blurred vision like symptoms before it gets hazardous, and call us immediately. But it is highly recommended to install CO alarms in the first.

Emergency lighting proves to be beneficial in case of emergency exit situations as ordinary light can cause hindrance in the running out due to short-circuit. After issuance of an emergency lighting certificate, one can coin breathing as our experts will install emergency lights after keenly observing the places where it is highly required for a safe exit during emergency conditions involving a fire break, etc.

The major reason for short-circuiting is improper wiring and, in some cases, overloaded extension cords. That might be done by the unprofessional and can be fatal if not been subjected to continuous checking of the electric system of your property. If not fixed on time can result in fire breakout.

Our engineers make a thorough examination of the systems and instruct you if your system requires any precautionary measures; violating those can lead to havoc, so you must follow those instructions to avoid any mishap in the future.

You will be subjected to a legal statement or penalty or may be called for a hearing too. Furthermore, you must follow the rules and regulations of the UK and must ensure the safety too.

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