gas safety certificate and laws explained

Gas safety certificates and laws explained 2024 GUIDE

It is important to have your gas appliances regularly checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

The engineer may provide you with a certificate after carrying out the checks, which is called a Gas Safety Record.

Our guide below explains what Gas Safety Records are and who needs them.

Do I need one?

If you’re a homeowner

Although you’re not legally obligated to have a Gas Safety Record, it’s still highly advisable that you get all your gas appliances serviced every year by someone who is registered with Gas Safe.

Before they leave, ask your engineer for documentation that proves that they’ve done a gas safety check or any other work.

If you’re a landlord

According to the law, you must have a gas safety check every year on all appliances and installations that rely on gas.

The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 state that this is necessary. 

The landlord is not required to have an appliance, such as a cooktop, inspected if the tenant owns it.

The engineer will provide the landlord with a Gas Safety Record, which is a document containing information on the gas safety record of all buildings on his property.

The record will show:

  • The checked appliances and a description of each
  • The results of the safety checks carried out on each appliance
  • Any identified safety issues during the checks, along with needed corrective action or work
  • Details about the engineer who did the check, including their signature and date of checking
  • Even if an issue is not found during a particular inspection do not mean it cannot develop at some point in time. 
  • If you have any concerns regarding your property or appliances please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

If you’re a tenant

Your landlord must give you a copy of the Gas Safety Record for the property. Within 28 days after your inspection, they must provide copies to all tenants.

How do I get a certificate and how much does it cost?

Click the Book an Appointment to reserve the slot. The gas safety certificate cost is between £60-£80.


If you need a gas safety certificate for your home, be sure to Call Us

We have qualified professionals who can help get you the certification you need in no time. 

Remember, it’s important to keep your family and tenants safe by having a valid gas safety certificate, so don’t hesitate to Contact Us today.

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