How Much Important is an Annual Boiler Service

You will benefit from rigorous 12-point testing on your boiler by an expert, certified, and well-trained engineer – who better to take care of your boiler than the people who built it?

Having your boiler repaired once a year by a certified Gas Safe engineer ensures that you

  • Keep your warranty after the first year.
  • Avoid future repairs when problems are detected early.
  • Save energy because our engineer will check that your boiler is working efficiently.
  • Increase your life expectancy.
  • The most important thing is that annual maintenance guarantees the safety of your boiler.
  • Be sure to arrange for regular maintenance, as carbon monoxide leaks can be fatal.

To maximize performance and reliability, it is important to keep your gas boiler and heating system in good condition.

Maintenance and safety plan

If your boiler is out of warranty and you have not yet contracted a plan, you can take out the maintenance and support plan. These plans are designed to service your boiler and controls and to keep them in good working order by providing you with Annual Boiler Service each year and other benefits described below.

  • Annual maintenance to help maintain your boiler
  • Exclusive access to our Boiler Care portal
  • Ongoing advice and tips to keep your boiler in good working order
  • Access to our dedicated contact center: 7 days a week, 364 days a year
  • Services and repairs carried out by certified Gas Safe engineers
  • Up to £ 1,500 in repairs if something goes wrong with annual maintenance or if your boiler stops working

With our online support, you can access tips, advice, and troubleshooting at any time during the life of your plan to ensure your boiler remains in good working order. You will also get annual boiler service and support over the phone or online if your boiler is not working.

If a problem is detected during the annual maintenance or your boiler stops working, we can organize on-site visits to our own network of Gas Safe registered boiler engineers, worth £ 1,500. If we are unable to repair your boiler or if we decide that it cannot be financially repaired, We will arrange for your boiler to be replaced with a new one, up to a value of £1550. Installation costs are not included.

The plan provides you with maintenance and support services to help keep your boiler service on time, supported and in good operating condition.

Risk of carbon monoxide leakage

A faulty boiler can cause carbon monoxide to enter your home. Toxic gases represent 50 registered deaths per year and up to 4,000 are treated in hospitals. The Silent Killer is odorless and invisible to the naked eye. Your symptoms can make everyone at home feel bad in different ways. Carbon monoxide poisoning is of concern to pregnant women because it can lead to birth defects, such as fetal brain damage and limb abnormalities. It can also lead to prenatal death and miscarriages. People with heart disease can experience chest pain and even a heart attack. Other complications include vision loss, hearing loss, and memory loss. You can reduce the risk by having the boiler serviced annually as this will allow the Gas-Safe engineer to detect carbon monoxide emissions.

What can go wrong with a boiler?

There are different types but all need an annual boiler service but the most common on the market is the condensing boiler. This means that instead of the waste gases evaporating into the atmosphere, they condense into a liquid, allowing the boiler to extract more heat from the fuel and less to be lost in the chimney.

This condensed liquid is removed through a condensate pipe, which can freeze at colder temperatures. If your boiler is not working and the outside temperature is below zero, the condensate pipe may be frozen.

The best thing to do is to put a hot water bottle in the pipe until the ice thaws; I hope this will allow the boiler to resume its functions. You can also pour warm (not boiling) water over the pipe, but if the weather is still cold, watch out for icing after the water cools.

Ideally, you should insulate the pipe so that it is less likely to freeze in the first place.

Another option is to replace a narrow pipe with a wider one, where the temperature should be lower so that ice forms in the pipe to the point of becoming blocked.

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