How to Get a Gas Safety Certificate(Complete Guide)

The need for gas to meet heating, cooking and warming water is vital nowadays. You also need to ensure that your gas supply is reliable and safe to use apart from being convenient. Gas Safe Register ensures that a qualified technician is there to make high-quality repairs if any dispute occurs in your current gas supply line. Even if you are not a gas engineer, it is mandatory to have access to a gas safety certificate at all times.

Now you must wonder how to get a gas safety certificate. To make things easier, here in this article, we have mentioned a handy checklist that will inform you about the necessities you need to know about gas safety regulations. 

Since you are the property owner, you are legally advised to ensure that all of your gas fittings and appliances along with chimneys in your rental property are safe for your tenants. 

How can I be safe around gas?

The need for gas for warming and cooking needs is mandatory in today’s life. It is also crucial to know how you can stay safe around gas without risking anything.

  1. Servicing your gas appliances once every year
  2. If you get a rotten smell, then the chances are that there is a gas leak in your home and you should immediately call the emergency gas service. 
  3. Know how you can shut off your natural gas
  4. Keep the area around the fireplace clean.
  5. Ensure that the level of carbon monoxide is kept in check from time to time

What is the requirement for a gas safety check Landlord?

If you are renting out any property, you must have a gas safety check carried out by professional and qualified engineers. The engineer will be noting down the details for the appropriate gas safety check landlord with copies for you and your tenants. 

It might happen that your tenants do not use gas. But, if there is a live supply of the same on your property, you need to get that checked. 

What paperwork should I keep in hand for gas safety checks landlords?

The engineer that would be visiting you would provide you with a copy of Gas Safety Record Form. This form will include the test results they have carried out on your property’s gas appliances. 

If you are renting out your property, you need to provide a copy of this result to your tenants. For new tenants, they need to receive it before moving in. They should receive a copy of the same within 28 days after the test has been carried out for existing tenants. 

When is the best time for arranging a landlord’s gas safety check?

The need for checking gas installations on your property is a MUST for every year. This period consists of 10th to 12thmonths following the previous year’s check. If you have already done a gas safety check landlord, then the next one would be 12 months from the current checking date. 

How do I receive a landlords gas safety certificate?

You will get your landlords gas safety certificate after booking an appointment with a registered Gas Safety engineer. They will perform a visual checkup of your gas appliances and pipework accessible to make sure that all of the appliances are in good condition. Then they would test the pipework to ensure that there are no gas leaks on your property. 

Who is a Gas Safety registered engineer?

Gas Safety register enlists all the gas businesses legally allowed to carry out any of the gas works in the vicinity. Every firm on this list has its own set of gas engineers who can access a Gas Safety ID card. 

Before allowing the engineers to do any work in your home, make sure that you always have their ID cards. This is because some of these engineers are not qualified for doing all types of gas work. 

Landlord Property Certificates UK will provide you with an efficient service so that you can acquire the gas safety certificate for your property without any hassle. Here you can also check if some have registered or qualified enough to do the work related to the gas safety protocols on your property. 

Essential skills Gas Engineers should possess.

Gas repair is a hands-on, customer-focused and technical job which requires one to have the following skills for effective workflow in the field:

  1. Problem-solving personality
  2. Keeping the customers first ALWAYS
  3. Attention to every detail
  4. Being responsible for your work with practical time management skills

What is included in the Gas Safety Checkup service by the engineers?

The engineers will:

  • Check for leaks and signs of wear.
  • Test the gas pressure
  • Ensure there are no carbon monoxide leaks
  • Complete your Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

What is the information that will be provided in my Gas Safety Record Form?

The mandatory information required on the form would be as follows:

  1. Description and location of every gas appliance that the engineer has checked
  2. Name of the engineer, their registration number, and signature
  3. The date on which the checking was carried out
  4. Address of the property being checked
  5. Landlord’s name and address
  6. Any defect found in any of the appliances needs to be fixed and taken into consideration as soon as possible.
  7. Confirmation that the safety check was carried out on the gas appliances

According to the law, it is vital to keep the pipework in your rental property safe and under working condition. In these Gas Safety Record Forms, there is a section where the engineer needs to mention that the pipework is safe or not. 

Just like the tenants are responsible for their gas appliances, you, being the landlord, are still responsible for the pipework. 

How much does a landlord gas safety certificate cost?

There is no fixed price for a gas safety certificate since the cost depends on the Gas Safety Engineer appointed at your location. The cost of the certificates are not regulated by Gas Safe Register. However, we suggest that you should always get a selection of quotes to compare the prices accordingly. 

Usually, a landlord gas safety certificate cost can vary from £35 to £150. This price is entirely dependent upon the number of gas appliances that need to be checked accordingly. 

Gas Safety Certificate Checklist

Before scheduling for a Gas Safety Check-up on your property, make sure that you go through the following checklist to be on the safe side:

  1. Check your nearby Gas Safe Register to get an update on the qualified and registered engineers. 
  2. Check-in with your tenants for a convenient date when they will be available for the Gas Safety Check. 
  3. Following your previous check, book an appointment on the 10th or 12th months.
  4. Ensure that any of the necessary repairs are done as soon as possible. 
  5. Provide your tenants with the Gas Safe Record Form and also keep a copy with yourself. 
  6. Set a reminder that you need to do the checkup again within 10-12 months. 

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