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Commercial Energy Performance Certificate

We provide Commercial EPC in London which enables investors and occupiers to measure the energy efficiency of buildings and to make their decisions after they have seen the report. The potential buyers and tenants are entitled to an impartial overview of energy consumption and energy costs of the building and because the EPC will tell sellers and landlords where there is room for energy improvement as far as their properties are delivered. Such a certificate is valid for about ten years but also a very effective measure. These elements should change the perspective of the ones who invest in commercial properties due to the costs of utility which service those buildings.

A report can only be made by a qualified non domestic energy assessor. The non-domestic EPC certificate will be required upon construction, sale or lease for all non-residential , including retail units, office’s, industries, warehouses, supermarkets and houses with multiple purposes.

This rating is called an Asset rating, the asset rating is displayed graphically on a scale from A (most efficient) to G (less efficient) and contains a numerical value. This assessment can then be used to make comparisons with comparable buildings. When an EPC is provided, it is also accompanied by a recommendation report, which makes recommendations on how to improve the performance of the building, together with an indication of the likely payback time. EPCs are not required for some types of buildings: such as worship services, buildings that stand on their own and low energy demand and less than 50 m2 and buildings that are planned for demolition.

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES), which entered into force in England and Wales on April 1, 2018, applies to private rental and non-domestic real estate and is intended to encourage landlords and property owners to improve the efficiency of their real estate by limiting the granting and continuation of existing leases where the real estate has an Energy Performance Certificate of F and G.

We aim for a lead time of 2-3 working days, from instruction to production of the Commercial Energy Performance Certificate. We also understand that at a given moment only very short notice can be given for the production of the EPC Commercial Property and it is crucial that the certificate is ready on time. In these circumstances, we try to ensure that the certificate is produced within the customer’s schedule.

The total heat loss is worked out for all the thermal elements of the building and this is then combined with the efficiency of heating, lighting and air-conditioning systems to calculate the total assessment. The landlord and sellers are responsible for providing the building details to the EPC at the time of sale or lease.

Since October 2008, it has been a legal requirement that commercial and public buildings must have one when a property is sold, built, rented or rented out. This certificate must be made available as soon as the marketing starts. 

Our Pricing:

Commercial EPC cost is fixed and all-inclusive there is no tax to add. Congestion, ULEZ and Parking will be charged for the Central London

Commercial EPC

£ 250
  • 0 - 50M2

Commercial EPC

£ 320
  • 51 - 100M2

Commercial EPC

£ 390
  • 101 - 200M2
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