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Commercial EPC

We provide Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which enables investors and occupiers to measure the energy efficiency of buildings and to make their decisions after they have seen the Commercial EPC. Because of the Landlord Commercial EPC, the commercial property zone will get advantage from a clear, significant and compulsory energy performance certificate and a correct comparison of energy efficiency of many commercial properties. These elements should change the perspective of the ones who invest in commercial properties due to the costs of utility which service those buildings.

A Commercial EPC can only be made by a qualified non domestic energy assessor. The Commercial Epc London certificate will be required upon construction, sale or lease for all non-residential , including retail units, office’s, industries, warehouses, supermarkets and houses with multiple purposes.


Commercial Gas Safety Certificate cost is fixed and all-inclusive and there are no hidden charges and no tax to add.

Commercial EPC [0-50M2]


Commercial EPC [51-100M2]


Commercial EPC [101-200M2]



What the report contains?

The report or rates your property between A and G. “A” Rated properties have the minimum running costs and “G” the highest. The calculation is done with the help of all the characteristics of the house which include, but are not limited to:  the age of property, heating system, heating controls, insulation, glazing,  and lighting.

Once the calculation is completed you will get an 8-page report that will highlight your score and give recommendations on how your rating can get better. We advise our customers to follow all to recommendations but it is not mandatory to do so.

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