Fusebox Installation In Enfield

Consumer Unit Installation In Enfield

The fuse box, also referred to as the consumer unit, is a crucial safety component designed to distribute electricity throughout a structure and protect circuits by quickly breaking the circuit when an excessive surge in current occurs. 

However, many fuse boxes located in properties across the UK are outdated and don’t adhere to present-day safety standards. 

Fortunately, installing new models isn’t expensive.

To protect your loved ones, it is advised by electricians to upgrade to a more recent consumer unit as soon as they can. 

RCD Fuse Box Installation Cost is quite low in price and is the best unit available. 

Modern consumer units have residual circuit devices (RCDs)and mini circuit breakers (MCBs)instead of fuses like older models. 

They are much more sensitive to changes in current fluxes than formerly used consumer units, meaning they can break an electrical circuit significantly faster with less strain. 

This translates into a decreased risk of electric shocks or fires caused by faulty wiring gauge.

About Fuse Box Installation

Installing a fuse box is a crucial component of electrical work. 

This installation process involves adding the main power distribution panel to either a home or office. 

The fuse box acts as the central hub for all electric circuits in any type of building

Do I Need To Upgrade My Fuse Box?

Upgrading your fuse box is a big decision. 

Here are a few things you should think about before making the change:

  1. Check the BS7671 requirements to see if they have any specific conditions for upgrading your fuse box.
  2. Consider the age of your current unit – if it’s more than 20 years old, or doesn’t have RCDs, then chances are you’ll need to replace it entirely.
  3. Talk to a qualified electrician about all of your options and what would work best for your home or office space…

Legal Requirements For Fuse Box Installation

Some basic criteria must be fulfilled when installing a fusing box, however, the standards vary by state.

  • The box install process must be completed by a certified electrician and follow the steps below:
  • 1. The box must be mounted on a wall that is at least 8 feet high.
  • 2. It must be accessible to the homeowner or business owner.
  • 3. Must be labelled with the proper voltage and amperage rating.
  • 4. Equipped with matching MCBs and RCDs
  • 5 . Made of metal material

Cost of Fuse Box Installment

Fuse Box Installation cost is fixed and all-inclusive there is no tax to add. Congestion, ULEZ and Parking will be charged for the Central London

Fusebox Installation

£ 650
  • Starting From

Fusebox Installation

Ask For The Quote

Please send us the photo of your fuse-box and the failed report for an accurate price.


Some indications to look out for include circuit breakers tripping frequently and lights dimming when appliances are switched on. 

Our electricians can install a modern consumer unit which c obeys the current BS7671 requirements. 

With an up-to-date consumer unit installed by qualified electricians at Landlord Property Certificates, you can rest assured that your property’s electrical system is sufficiently protected against electrical surges.

It typically takes an electrician about 2-3 hours to replace a fuse box.

The cost of fuse box replacement depends on the size of your property and the number of circuits. Typically, the cost of a fuse box starting from £650.

A circuit breaker is a device that is used to interrupt the flow of electricity in an electrical circuit. 

A fuse box distributes electricity around the property. 

It is used to protect the electrical circuits in a building.

This may vary depending on the condition of the consumer unit and how often it is used. 

If you are in any doubt, it is best to speak to a qualified electrician.


If you need a fuse box installation, don’t wait any longer. 

Contact us today to book your appointment and we will get started on the process right away. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!  

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