Gas Safety Certificate In Barnet

As a landlord, you have a responsibility to keep yourself, your tenants, and your property safe.

This includes making sure that all gas appliances in your property are in good working order and up to safety standards.

Landlord Property Certificates provides gas safety certificate to landlords, home buyers, home sellers, real estate agents, and also for renting a house or flat. We cover all Boroughs of London and M25 areas.

Our Gas Safe registered engineers will carry out a thorough inspection of all your gas appliances and issue you with a certificate if everything is in good working order.

If you’re looking for peace of mind and reassurance that your property is safe, then get in touch with Landlord Property Certificates today.

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Gas Safety Certificate Cost has no hidden charges and taxes. Congestion, ULEZ and Parking will be charged for the Central London.



Boiler Service and Gas Safety Certificate

(Upto 2 Gas Appliances)

London and M25 Areas

Gas Safety Certificate


1 Gas Appliance

London and M25 Areas

Gas Hob Installation


With Gas Certificate

London and M25 Areas

With Other Certificates

Gas Safety Certificate with Other Safety Certificates

London and M25 Areas

Gas Safety Certificate In Barnet – The Landlord’s Responsibility

To maintain safety for you and your tenants, as well as uphold the value of your home, all gas appliances must follow set regulations.

In addition, you’ll need a Gas Safety Certificate (GSC), which is only valid for 12 months. 

Because the Gas Safety Certificate is only good for 12 months, it’s essential to keep track of when they expire.

To find Gas Safe registered engineers near you. 

Please call us at 020 8123 9487 or Request a Free Quote.

What is a Gas Safety Certificate?

The Gas Safety Certificate (GSC) is a document that verifies that appliances have been looked over and signed off as safe by a Gas Safe registered engineer.



Which appliances need to be checked?

Gas-using appliances, such as cookers, fires, and boilers, must be inspected.

Why do I need a Gas Safety Certificate?

As required by The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, you must have your gas appliances inspected at least once a year by a Gas Safe-licensed engineer.

After completion of your Gas Safety Checks, you are required by law to keep a log for at least two years. 

Furthermore, you should give your renters a copy of the results within 28 days.

What does the inspection of the Gas Safety Certificates involve?

During the inspection, the Gas Safe registered engineer will:

  • check that each appliance is safe to use
  • make sure that no dangerous flues or fumes are escaping from the appliance
  • service the appliances as needed

If you have any questions about Gas Safety Certificates, please Contact Us at 020 8123 9487.

An annual Gas Safety Check process during inspection

Every year, you should get a gas safety check to ensure that your appliances are working properly. 

A Gas Safe registered engineer will come and take a look at everything to make sure it is all up to code.

  • Gas appliances are working in the right direction with accurate pressure level
  • Dangerous gases are being cleaned from appliances
  • Be Safe from Gas Fire and Leakage
  • Gas Safety Check will find the problems and remedies for your gas work
  • Visually inspecting all gas appliances, pipework, and flues to identify any possible problems
  • Checking to ensure that all required ventilation is provided
  • Testing flue flow to ensure inflammable materials are removed
  • Checking that all flame failure devices are operating in order
  • Checking for verification of unsafe operation

Why choose us for the Gas Certificate?

When you choose Landlord Property Certificates, you’ll get a Gas Safety Certificate that Londoners truly deserve. 

Unlike other businesses, we provide a comprehensive service at the best value for your money.

Highest Customer Satisfaction

A Gas Safety Certificate from our team of professional engineers will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is safe.

Qualified Gas Safe Engineers

Many people choose Landlord Property Certificates for a variety of reasons, but one of the most important is that our gas-safe engineers are highly qualified and well-trained. 

They’re always ready to assist you with anything you need, whether it’s related to gas or heating.

Highly Experienced

With our combined years of expertise in both ground and high-rise property services. 

we are one of the oldest landlord safety and maintenance firms in the UK. 

We have successfully provided these services all around London and its surrounding areas for many years now.

Affordable Pricing

Our Gas Safety Certificate London services are not only high quality but also budget-friendly.

Hassle-Free Online Booking

To book our service for a Gas Safety Certificate in London, you don’t have to go through the hassle of coming to our office or making any unnecessary calls. 

Just choose the gas certificate option that suits your purpose the most, click on “Book Online” and by filling out the form your order will be done in no time. We also give free quotes on London gas safety certificate costs for your convenience.

What happens if I don’t have one?

If you don’t have a Gas Safety Certificate, you may be fined £6,000. 

If your gas appliances cause any property damage, you could also be held accountable.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Make sure that you have Gas Safety Certificates for all appliances on your property, and that you keep track of when they need to be renewed. 

You can find Gas Safe registered engineers in your area by calling 020 8123 9487.

Why did your Gas Safety Certificate or CP12 fail?

Not to Current Standard (NCS)

This appliance or flue hasn’t been serviced to the current Gas Safe standard and will require additional investigation by a certified Gas Safe registered engineer.

At Risk (AR)

According to this notice, the appliance or flue is in an extremely dangerous condition and must be mended or replaced right away.

Immediate Dangerous (ID)

If you smell gas, this is an indication that the appliance or flue might be in an unsafe condition. 

If it’s a gas leak, turn off the appliance immediately.

If you have any questions about Gas Safety Certificates. 

Please Contact Us at 020 8123 9487

We’re always happy to help.

How long do Gas Safety Certificates take?

It usually takes around 30-45 minutes to process a Gas Safety Certificate Test.

What happens after the Gas Safety Certification inspection?

After the appliances are installed, a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer will examine them and give you a Gas Safety Certificate. 

This document is valid for 12 months and must be kept on file for at least two years. 

Within 28 days after the inspection is completed, you must forward a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate to your renters.

What are the benefits of having a Gas Safety Certificate?

When you have appliances in your home, it’s important to know that they are safe and won’t cause any harm. 

Gas Safety Certificates guarantee that your appliances are up to safety standards and that no poisonous flues or fumes are seeping out of them. 

Having this certification can help stop accidents from happening in your home and give you peace of mind knowing that your appliances have been checked by a qualified engineer.

How do I book a Gas Safety check?

You can book a Gas Safety check by calling us at 020 8123 9487 or Clicking on BOOK ONLINE

We’ll be happy to help you to provide our Gas Safe registered engineer in your area.


It is legal to sell a property without a Gas Safety Certificate but it is highly recommended that you will need to arrange for a Gas Safety check to be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

The person who is buying the property would know the gas appliances are safe to use and there’s no gas leakage in the property.

No. Gas Safety Certificates can only be issued by Gas Safe registered engineers.

Yes. Gas Safety Certificates are required for all properties that have Gas appliances.

Gas Safety Certificates cost £60-£80, depending on the number of appliances that need to be checked.

Gas safety checks involve inspecting all Gas appliances in a property to make sure that they are safe to use. The engineer will also check for any dangerous flues or fumes escaping from the appliances.

If you don’t get Gas Safety checks, you could be putting yourself and your family at risk. Gas appliances can produce dangerous flues and fumes or gas leakage, which can lead to accidents and injuries.

You could also be breaking the law. It is illegal to use Gas appliances without a Gas Safety Certificate.

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